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Wilhelm gustloff, german ocean liner that was sunk by a soviet submarine on january 30, 1945. Wilhelm gustloff survivors tell their stories survivors of the wilhelm gustloff disaster recall what it was like after their ship is struck by three soviet torpedoes. Ms wilhelm gustloff sinking rare video the biggest. He remained its leader from 1932 until he was assassinated in 1936. The sinking of the wilhelm gustloff national vanguard. By one estimate, 9,400 people died, which makes it the largest loss of. Above her amongst the ice, snow and sleet are shadows and the now. The wilhelm gustloff, like the titanic, was a big passenger liner and was reasonably new and luxurious. It was sunk in the baltic sea on the night of january 30, 1945, by a soviet submarine. Wilhelm gustloff the greatest maritime disaster in history.

Wilhelm gustloff 30 january 1895 4 february 1936 was the founder of the swiss nsdapao the nazi party organisation for german citizens abroad at davos. Youre a german refugee trying to escape the red army. Mv wilhelm gustloff was a german military transport ship which was sunk on 30 january 1945 by soviet submarine s in the baltic sea while evacuating german civilians, german officials, refugees from prussia, lithuania, latvia, poland, estonia and croatia and military personnel from gotenhafen as the red army advanced. Everything is frozen, making it even more difficult for people to get into lifeboats. Thousands of humans sank with the former kdf ship in the icy. It was packed with nearly 8,000 germans, most of them women and children escaping from the advancing soviet army. At 55 degrees 07 minutes north, 17 degrees 41 minutes east lies the broken and dead body of a once proud and majestic ship. The sinking of wilhelm gustloff has been considered as the biggest maritime catastrophe of all time even surpassing the combined calamities of titanic which sank taking more than 1,500 people with it after hitting an iceberg and lusitania which sank with 1,119 people after getting hit by a german torpedo. Movie on wilhelm gustloff encyclopedia titanica message. Bundesarchiv b 145 bildp094443, stettin, wilhelm gustloff als. Set in the dying days of world war ii, the greatest catastrophe in naval history left over 9000 dead six times more than in the titanic disaster with the sinking of the german passenger ship. The sinking of mv wilhelm gustloff by the soviet submarine s resulted in the greatest maritime disaster in history with the largest loss of life at sea. Programmvorschau programm zum download radioprogramm online.

Follow the desperate struggle of thousands of refugees to board, the murderous incompetence. April 1938 london an, um im rahmen einer nationalsozialistischen propagandaaktion. Januar 1945 fluchtlingsschiff wilhelm gustloff wird. Knopp, guido, dreykluft, friederike, greulich, anja, sporn, mario on. Learn more about the sinking of the wilhelm gustloff in this article.

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