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For more information, visit the financial excellence homepage. General ledger accounting figl new sap help portal. Summary the note lists the steps to be followed in new gl migration for scenario 3. Let us understand this concept of new gl and its use. In the configuration each gl account is assigned to item category. Typically in sap you can depict parallel accounting. Summary the note lists the steps to be followed in new gl migration for scenario 3 migration with document splitting. You will learn complete subscribe my channel for more videos on sap fico and sap hana finance. The easiest way to configure all relevant transaction types is in the maintain accounting configuration tool via. Profit center or segment it is also required as requirement of international accounting standards ias. This document explains about new gl concept and configuration in step by step manner with screenshots. Previous to sap ecc, if new fields were required to general ledger sap had to deliver these new fields in special purpose ledger tables. It is used to store the financial data of an organization.

New gl configuration step by step free download as word doc. Some configuration steps will be document splitting method, business transaction. Why sap introduced new sap gl sap training tutorials. It is decided to company profit center defined in sap production client to update fi documents as part of sap new gl migration. Documentsplittinginnewgeneralledger sap simple docs. This document help you to understand sap fi new gl configuration in systematic manner and you need not to waste your time in spro for new gl configuration. If you want the profit center, business area or segments to appear in line items which you have not entered while posting, then document splitting in sap will populate line items with the selected characteristics even when such line items are not populated manually. Enter the general ledger account that all tax codes of this tax type shall post to. Migration to the new general ledger without document splitting. New general ledger accounting interface profit center determination. With document splitting, accounting line items are split according to specific characteristics.

The functionality can help one to create balance sheets for entities that exist beyond the scope of the company code. If an indian company is registered in us stock exchange, it has to submit reports to stock exchange according to the financial year there in us i. Sap fico general ledger accounting configuration steps sap. Sap fi automatic payment program configuration and run applies to. Accomplish segment reporting using document splitting in the. Sap tax configuration tutorial free sap fi training. In our example, when a user picks any input tax code when posting a document, the system will automatically post to gl account 15. Create custom pdf general ledger accounting figl new. Introduction this material is applicable for sap ecc 6 version. New general ledger or new gl in the mysap erp system offers one of the most powerful features called as document splitting. Document splitting allows users to split accounting line items according to specific characteristics. Financial accounting new general ledger accounting new business transactions document splitting define zerobalance clearing accounts you need to setup your account assignment objects to have a zero balance.

For indian companies financial year is april to march. The new general ledger accounting by a single click on the clock icon. Parallel accounting in new general ledger sap simple docs. The data entry view shows a document as it is normally displayed or entered in accounts receivable or accounts payable accounting or in asset accounting. Sap will perform scenario validation in unit testing phase and test validation at the end of second integration test cycle.

This chart of accounts is assigned to the company code. Today, in the current sap r3, vendor line items and customer line items except special gl accounts in a financial document do not retain profit centers. Document splitting in new general ledger sap blogs. Just to name a few like 0 balance sheet account, 02000 customer. All necessary sap tax configuration settings have now been completed. Sap special gl indicator configuration tutorial free.

Sap simple finance 3 with sap s4 hana, sap is providing a new product and a next generation of business applications simple enterprise software for big data and is designed to help you run. Working with the new gl migration cockpit applies to. Summary this document helps you to configure and run automatic payment program in fico module in sap ecc 6. Accomplish segment reporting using document splitting in. The different sections referenced below provide useful information in relation to new general ledger and document splitting see also help. With new gl, sap provide a feature name document splitting, document splitting provide balance line value for given characteristics e. Learn sap fico general ledger accounting configuration step by step in a easy method with screen shots,the steps of general ledger accounting. If new gl in sap is activated, a financial accounting document always has two views.

Page 8 sap new gl simple finance we will cover the fi configuration from scratch and not copying configuration from an existing company code. Create a new element,zfipp as we are using bo fipp. For more information, visit the enterprise resource planning homepage. Being offered in mysap erp, document splitting is one of the most powerful feature in new general ledger.

Document splitting in new gl in sap linkedin slideshare. New general ledger or new gl in the mysap erp system offers one of the most. New gl configuration step by step financial accounting. Migration of classical gl to new gl with document splitting. Benefits like segment reporting, cost of sale accounting, management reporting, parallel accounting, balanced books are possible with new gl. With regard to the default configuration of an sap system and the activation of the. Some documents related to migration from classic gl to new gl sent to your mail id. You will reach to change view activation of new gl acg detail screen and tick the checkbox and save. A chart of accounts can be used by multiple company codes. Sap fico 1 sap fi stands for financial accounting and it is one of important modules of sap erp. Migration project, migration cockpit, and best practices to migrate from classic the new general ledger about the book about the ebook 505 pages, hardcover, 1. Sap fico video training new general ledger, segment.

You can transfer a large amount of document data from a nonsap system to the sap system. Create a new workflow and save it under your package. Posts about sapnew general ledger written by jayanth maydipalle. New gl in sap fico new general configuration in sap fico. Blogs on document splitting at au document splitting is a very powerful feature delivered by sap ecc. Creation of balance sheets at the segment or profitcenter level or balance sheets based on companyspecific or industryspecific entities. Spro sap reference img financial accounting new general ledger accounting new business transaction document splitting define zero balance clearing account in this step we have to define the zero balance clearing account which will be used to generate and balance out financial entry when it is not possible to balance out at its own, as we have seen this example earlier. Newgl basic overview erp financials community wiki sap. You will learn complete subscribe my channel for more videos on sap fico and sap. Sap fi automatic payment program configuration and run. The intention behind sap new gl configuration is to combine the features of gl, profit center accounting, reconciliation ledger, special purpose ledger, business area, cost of sale accounting. This means that the general ledgers of these company codes have identical gl structure. Financial accounting new financial accounting global settings new document document number ranges documents in general ledger view define document number ranges for general ledger view. Please do not share email addresses or links to sap ed information on these forums.

Document splitting configuration standard customizing settings in the implementation guide, choose financial accounting newgeneral ledger accounting new business transactionsdocument splitting. This way users can create financial statements for entities such as segments and meet the legal requirements. Ledger y2additional ledger for local tax reporting period april to march new gl configuration page 8 of 350. The new general ledger in mysap erp 2004 has the following advantages over the classic general ledger in r3 enterprise. Starting with constructing concepts, the author provides. New gl migration overview enterprise resource planning. In this document, you will find indepth overview and configuration process flow of new general ledger in sap ecc 6. The new sap general ledger has following advantages than classic sap gl accounting in r3 systems. New gl basics of new general ledger manish kumar screenshots and all other information are based on mysap ecc 5. For complete recorded training videos, please visit tesco uk is the registered. All points have been unassigned and the thread locked. The new general ledger in sap erp has the following advantages over the. Migration from classic gl to new gl advantages are 1.

This way, you can create financial statements for entities such as segments and meet the legal requirements for. Document splitting learn how to design, configure, and use. Three new tables in the new general ledger handle totals, store generalledger. Sap special gl indicator configuration must be done based on the combination of account type vendor, customer, asset, etc. The purpose of this ppt is to give a basic understanding and the configuration settings required for new gl implementation. When this setting is updated, sap checks whether the balance of each account assignment object is zero after document splitting. After activation of new general ledger accounting, you exit the img screen when you reenter, you find that a new node is added financial accounting new 2. You can configure the rules for document splitting. Various additional functionalities with the introduction of new gl. Configuration and design bonn boston 393 db 3 6611 4. The classic general ledger contains all the financial. Sap fi helps to analyze the financial conditions of a company in the market. It is one of the most important features of sap new gl, you can configure customised defined fields as per usercustomer requirements.

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