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By the way, watch the video, its great for learning. Here at the hydraulic megastore we have group 1,2 and 3 gear pumps and they are all manufactured to the highest of quality, we aim to satisfy all of our customers with these products and offer them our full support when it comes to finding them the correct product. Main characteristics alloy cover and flange type 08 11 16 21 26 32 37 42 48 55 62 78 88 105 capacity cm3 giro cm3 rev 0. For over 70 years, haldex hydraulic systems division has been the worldwide leader in the design and development of hydraulic pumps, fluid motors and power units. Process pumps for industry family of quality products. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. This portable document format \ pdf \ file contains bookmarks, thumbnails, and hyperlinks to help you navigate through the document. Modeling and simulation of gear pumps based on modelica. Associate professor, graduate faculty of environmen t, university of tehran ut, iran abstract oil pump in diesel engine has significant effect on. The pump is so named because it has two gears that are sidebyside or externalto each other. Issue 5 section 1 standard gear pumps to view a gear pump, please click on the name below or use the bookmarks in your pdf software.

Series hydraulic pumps are compact, external gear models for use in pumping fluids with lubricating. Low flow rates may cause a reduction in pumpbearing life, overheating of the pump, instability and cavitation vibration. All liquiflo gear pump models are available in closecoupled configuration. Series hydraulic pumps are compact, external gear models for use in pumping fluids with lubricating qualities. Gear pump systems elearning function, operation and.

Characteristics and codifications of pumps hydraulic gear pumps flat front body series 0 flat front body series 1. Fill reservoir to, but not above, high level mark on sight gage with hydraulic fluid. Designed to be costeffective, stable and lowmaintenance, pvwj is a variabledisplacement axialpiston pump with a medium control response. Haldex barnes hydraulic pumps haldex hydraulic pumps. Displacement d the displacement of a rotary gear pump is the volume displaced during one complete. Market gear pump 0 group motor reference lab e bfback inlet and front out. Piston wash chamber for backflushing piston to extend seal life. Our extensive range of gear pumps allows us to deliver a pump that suits your requirements for use in a variety of applications. Liquiflo gear pumps are available with several ancillary options and accessories. The chamber of the pump is divided into a set of control volumes cvs, whose effective volumes change along with the rotation of the gears.

Start downloading our product data sheet by clicking on the link or the button. Optimization gear oil pump in order to energy saving and. Concentric is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of hydraulic pumps. We do lots of different shafts, flanges and bodies european american some japanese as well as specials for various tractor makes etc. Put pump back in vise and ascertain that shaft turns and then tighten up rear cover screws securely.

Some components come from a free library hyliblight 9 based on modelica. Our focus on important strategic markets such as trucks, construction equipment and. W1200 series hydraulic pump hydraulic systems division outstanding hydraulic products, service and expertise, worldwide. Suitable for use in a wide variety of material handling, agricultural, and construction equipment in addition to machine tools, robotics, and other types of machinery. Easy to use interface for flow setting and other pump parameters. Turn driveshaft a few times by hand with a spanner wrench to be sure parts are free. They give high volumetric flows even with high operating pressures, a low noise level, and they have a high endurance thanks to the balancing system of the loads on the guide bushings. External gear pumps can come in single or double two sets of gears pump configurations with spur shown, helical, and herringbone gears. The w900 series builds on the versatile technical platform represented by the w series. E n g i n e e r i n g gear pump basics the external gear pump is a positive displacement pd type of pump generally used for the transfer and metering of liquids.

Sudovest via massari marzoli,6 21052 busto arsizio va tel. Gear pumps are roughly classified into external and internal gear types. This low maintenance pump can transfer a wide array of fluids and fluid viscosities for spraying, recirculating, cleaning, and fluid transfer applications. If still tight, it might be necessary to reverse idler gear and work pump body around a few more times. This nomenclature differentiates it from an internalgear pump, which has one gear. The gear pump for the direct drive of machines via a coupling e. Pump models all models are available both in flushable and nonflushable versions. The mk20s wide range of output flowspressure ratings of up to 3000 psi and. Our application engineers will gladly assist in selecting a pump that will give trouble free operation. For vertical suction lift should pump run dry between uses, rewet pump or use foot valve. C pumps internal gear pump design flexible mounting, sealing and driving options available with tuthills reversing feature flow rates to 84 usgpm 19m3hr pressures to 300 psi 20.

Electronic control of piston motion to minimize pulsation. Fluid shall be carried between gear teeth and shall be displaced when. Please read this manual carefully before using the pump in. Pump all fluid into reservoir thorough a clean see section e for beta ratings filter. These include temperature control jackets, gear reducers, variable speed drives, air motors, relief valves, repair kits, replacement cartridges and base plate mounting. Do not run the pump at abnormally high or low flow rates operating at a flow rate higher than normal or at a flow rate with no back pressure on the pump may overload the motor and cause cavitation. Making these units the most flexible in todays cost minded market. The drive is only permitted in one rotation direction.

Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids. Roloid gear pump 2 introduction roloid gear pumps are suitable for pumping a wide variety of liquids which have some lubricating property. After viewing a nice video on youtube about the mecanism of this hydraulic gear pump, i wanted to draw it in solidworks so here is the result. Characteristics and codifications of pumps catalogue. For trusted and leading brands of gear pumps, contact the hydraulic warehouse, a prime wholesale distributor of hydraulic components in australia. The w900 series is a range of costefficient group ii pumps. If this oil film is sufficiently sustained through proper system maintenance and operating within recommended limits a. One rotor of internally cut gear teeth will mesh with one externally cut gear.

All sauerdanfoss gear pumps use hydrodynamic journal bearings that have an oil film maintained between the gearshaft and bearing surfaces at all times. A gear pump is a kind of rotary pump and is defined as a positive displacement pump. Haldex presents open, scalable brake solutions for autonomous and electrical commercial vehicles. Positive displacement gear pumps have excellent suction lift characteristics and are self priming when wetted.

Ruggedmade hydraulic gear pump, 15 gpm single stage, clockwise rotation, 3600 psi. Find all literature, from product brochures to technical installation instructions here. A legacy of high performance stopping approaches 90year milestone. Group 3 gear pumps technici al information 77c 33m 55k 50c 100 66m 88 66m 88 5 turolla l1016456 september 20 rev c snp3nn 01ba cut away pump design sep3nn the. Remove case drain line at the pump and fill pump case with hydraulic fluid. Manuals for haldex pump 1002408 to download for viewing them online or printout as pdf. External gear pump series g azpg22 fixed pumps v 22.

We offer a vast selection of clutch pumps, dump, gear, piston, pto, tow stage, and. Today, haldex and barnes continues to invest in the future by focusing on developing the next generation of hydraulic systems. One is connected to the shaft and is called driving gear. The gear pump systems elearning course covers the function, operation, installation, and maintenance of the versatile gear pump. Then put front cover on, with gaskets generally 2 gaskets and tighten cover securely.

Like all oilgear pumps, it thrives on lowviscosity fluids and comes in a variety of frame sizes and available displacement rates. Precise by design, they deliver accurate and repeatable performance, a smooth flow and a pressure up to 18 bar 260 psi. Pump type gear pump cleaning cleaning of shaft, gear and in front of shaft packing. Internal gear pumps external gear pumps screw pumps waste water and sewage pumps eccentric screw pumps. General gear pumps and gear motors technical information. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial.

In an effort to meet distributor and customer demands for decreased. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. Pump flow can be varied by varying input speed with pulleys, a gear reducer, or electric motor inverter vfd. External gear pump overview michael smith engineers. Rotodel pump suppliers and manufacturers of oil pump,bitumen pump, glycerine pump,furnace oil pump,lube oil system manufacturers,lubrication pumps suppliers. A gear pump uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. Pumps for optional rotation directions, higher operating pressures, radial shaft loads and versions with special materials as well as double pumps can be. The volumetric displacement of a hydraulic gear pump or motor can be approximated by measurement of the internal parts and substituting the values in the following formula. Gear pump size 1 1,8 3 10 15 17,5 37 45 55 90 graphicmind 0309 zona ind.

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