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The wooden dummy rawcliffe, sifu shaun, mckenzie, sifu garry, clifton, paul s. There are many of them, and each varies by the artist delivering said strike. Master wong wing chun training makes it possible for you to use wing chun in full contact for real. Especially anybody whos seen the yip man films or have watch a lot of wing chun demonstrations.

Feb 05, 2011 wing chun techniques of short distance power are learnt at the early stages of wing chun training. By using the skills of wing chun kung fu, a smaller and weaker person can easily overcome a larger strong opponent. Martial arts schools often focus on one style of martial arts, especially for serious students. The following video should highlight how to chain punch. I took wing chun for a couple of years about 10 years ago. Straightforward and efficient, wing chun kung fu is one of the most popular forms of kung fu because it emphasizes techniqu over strength. I will admit at first the punch doesnt look that intimidating. Can the wing chun straight punch be used with gloves onin say a full contact setting. This is my personal interpretation based on my time training wing chun along with my limited time training in boxing and kickboxing alongside my other cross. The straight blast is a martial arts technique popularized by bruce lee and associated with wing chun kung fu and jeet kune do. A better method would be to resistance train with a partner who can apply a live resistance. Wing chun straight punch defense punch coordination drill. Wing chun illustrated is a perfect bound, fullcolour, glossy publication.

Executed properly, the wing chun punch allows even the small practitioner maximum punching effectiveness, because it is supported by his entire body structure. I personally never used to be a fan of the whipping punch because i found it complicated to understand and therefore difficult to execute. Wing chun dummy wing chun wooden dummy martial arts styles martial arts techniques martial arts workout martial arts training kung fu soul fighter wing chun training wing chun dummy tumblr tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Providing a range of martial arts wing chun, boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, as well as. The punch still follows the wing chun theory of controlling the centre line and this is a reason for why the elbow is never raised near shoulder height during punches. A variety of videos and books on the wing chun dummy mook yan jong. A wing chun hook is just a normal wing chun punch that travels in a arc relative to the puncher, but actually travels in a straight line relative to the punchee. Punches are delivered in fast successive flurries, with the elbow pulled in and close to the body for support and structure. Best of all it is part of the wing chun curriculum. Freestanding dummies are ideal for people that want a portable dummy or have a small area to install a dummy. Master the wing chun double punch sifu och wing chun. Although the one inch punch was made famous by bruce lee it is in fact an important part of this.

Aug 05, 2016 the whipping punch broken down and explained august 5, 2016 in techniques and styles by betsy olay. Nov 29, 2009 wing chun doesnt use circular punches like that. But wing chun is a fairly conservative system, which minimizes danger even when attacking. Wing chun kung fu wing chun training questions subscribe for more videos, click here. I perform a straight punch in the air for speed, a wallbag for strong punch, and between the wing chun wooden dummy hand that the elbow is. Cotton canvas wing chun training punch bag wall mounted sand. What i found works to improve my punch is these aspects my shifu corrects me on. Best weight lifting exercise to develop a wing chun chain. Feb 09, 2016 the wing chun 1 inch punch explained wing chun techniques duration. In wing chun chain punching is a key part of system. Your elbow should be in and down in order to engage the proper structure in which the elbow is behind the fist in a straight line pushing it forward. To the untrained observer, the wing chun practitioner may appear.

Suitable for everyone this style can be learned by male or female from a very young age, but more impressively, can still be practiced with the same passion during later life and retirement years. The portable wing tsun wing chun wooden dummy was designed by grandmaster dr. To do this well the student must understand the core principles of wing chun. According to wing chun, you should be able to generate power even closer. Thing is it is far more effective in chi sautrapping ranged because of the straight punch. Its originator, the buddhist nun ng mui, was a master of shaolin kung fu and used this knowledge to invent a way to take advantage of the weaknesses inherent in the other shaolin systems.

The wing chun 1 inch punch explained wing chun techniques. Bag set filled boxing bag gloves ceiling hook swivel chain mma punchbag black. But most other punches from boxing or martial arts are horizontal to the body perpendicular. Jun 12, 2016 what i found works to improve my punch is these aspects my shifu corrects me on. If you elbows spread out to the side youll want to use more shoulder strength to throw the punch. Wing chun techniques how to block a straight punch. Wing chun teaches practitioners to advance quickly and strike at close range. Named for the wing chun concept of interception or attacking when ones opponent is about to attack, jeet kune. Round house kicks to the head and body can be more easily countered than say a low round house kick. Wing chun wooden dummy stand with images wooden dummy.

It is vital the student can apply the wing chun they learn. Wing chun is very well known for its chain punching. There is so much other stuff in wing chun that you can do, chain punches are actually the most basic, and the last thing i would try to use unless my mind froze up. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line so it is fast. Jeet kune do or the way of the intercepting fist in cantonese, abbreviated jkd, is a hybrid. Youve seen the hit movie ip man, now learn how to use wing chun techniques in the modern world.

Rather than blocking and attacking on two separate beats, a wing chun practitioner will either block and punch on the same beat, or block with a punch, known as the intercepting fist cutting arm. Is the one and three inch punch something separate or do you develop this with a regular punch. Unfortunately bruce lee left wing chun so its no good, yeah okay. Wing chun practitioners punch with the bottom three knuckles. The punch still follows the wing chun theory of controlling the centre line and this is a reason for why the elbow is. A wing chun punch uses a vertical fist and follows a straight and short path to the target. While there are many different types of kicks you can use when you are defending yourself. Wing chun kung fu is known for being an extremely fast martial art. Understanding the wing chun punch cincinnatis premier. While the wing chun forward kick can be considered a long range technique, many wing chun practitioners practice entry techniquesgetting past an opponents kicks and punches to bring them within range of wing chuns close range repertoire. Learn the form, how to build a dummy, applications of the form, techniques, and more. Wing chun is one of the most effective street self defence systems in the world, teaching speed and power in a very small amount of space. When an attacker used a straight punch, for example, the punch was slightly deflected by one arm combined with a small shift off line into the grasp of the second while the first continued onto target without any visible hesitation in the forward blockcounter punch arm.

Is the wing chun straight punch as powerful as a boxers. Each 60page issue comes packed with feature stories by and about the greatest. See more ideas about wing chun dummy, wing chun and wooden dummy. The centreline punch is the defining martial arts technique of wing chun kung fu. The legendary figures of abbess ng muy and yim wing chun are generally accepted, with some reason able skepticism, as the originators of yip man wing chun kuen. The main objective of this part of the syllabus is to test the students ability to deal with a straight punch aimed at the head or upper body. Wing chun is the name of a system of martial arts developed in southern china approximately 300 years ago. They stand by themselves and can be weighed down further by adding weights or sandbags on the backside. Search online or in a phone book for local wing chun schools. So one maximizes control of the opponent in the process with both hands working together to create a triangular controlling and dynamic formation. You might even hear a few hardcore type fighters talking down about the wing chun punch.

Indeed, the wing chun punch is a structure supported by the weight of the practitioner. Shop cotton canvas wing chun training punch bag wall mounted sand. Sep 05, 2016 master the wing chun double punch september 5, 2016 in techniques and styles by betsy olay. Wing chuns 4in1 punch the basic wing chun punch can be. From the moment you start your training in wing chun you are taught the proper way to throw a straight punch. Wing chun training wing chun how to block a straight punch. Bruce lees one inch punch applied wing chun youtube. Please contact us for a shipping quote 1800 784 5425. At some point you will have to pick of a pair of swords and when you do, you might find your wing chun punching power increases dramatically. Is wing chun perfect of course not, but with good instruction its some very good stuff. Have you ever dreamt of being in a bruce lee movie like i have. Portable wing tsun wing chun wooden dummy academy of.

First of all, there is no such thing as the wing chun straight punch. Bruce lees original martial art was wing chun kung fu. Keeping your elbows in pointed down helps the punch come from the elbow. Look at your fist and the alignment of your lower three knuckles and arm. Wing chun chain punches or lin wan kuen are a burst of rapid punches along the centerline. Thing is since you are using a straight punch it can be easier to defend against unless you can wedgetrap the opponents defense andor flank.

Wooden dummy books and dvds wing chun dummy videos mook. There are also a lot of exercises with the swords that will condition your wrists and shoulder a lot, which also translates into more punching power. While i cant explain why wing chun decided that this punch would be the preferred way out of all the other ways of punching, i can try to describe the basic ideas and physics behind it. Wing chun academies or clubs may be affiliated with a martial arts association. Each 60page issue is available as printondemand and download. Founded by mui fa publishing in 2011, wing chun illustrated is the worlds premier magazine dedicated to wing chun, regardless of lineage or style. Oct 20, 2014 wing chun techniques how to block a straight punch. This thread about punch speed reminded me of my sifu teaching us the at the time 3 inch punch developed by wing chun masters where they.

Check with your local martial arts academies to see if they teach wing chun. The whipping punch broken down and explained sifu och wing chun. Best weight lifting exercise to develop a wing chun chain punch. Allowing the practitioner to counter and intercept in the blink of an eye. How to do lin wan kuen aka chain punch wing chun youtube. The punch acts as a block as a consequence of the structure and the position of the arm travelling along its triangular powerline pathway to.

These three knuckles are most firmly supported by the wrist and forearm, giving maximum protection against wrist damage. The comment about heavier weights, training yourself to punch straight with a significant amount of weight on your arm may hurt your ability to punch straight without the weights. Can someone explain how wing chun punching is supposed to. Wing chun coordination punch drill technique that lets you defend and attack at same time. Wing chun strikes do not require winding back the arms and the straight line punch, in particular, is thrown in front of our chest area hence the saying the punch starts from the heart load the fist in the centre of your chest and blast your fist forward like your life depends on it, but only attack when you must, to conserve energy whilst keeping yourself free from tension. Our martial arts and fitness gym is open 7 days a week.

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